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「木碎好少年」創辦於 2013 年冬至﹐活躍於2016年大暑,是一個紮根香港的藝術木匠組織。他們以保持少年的童心、熱血為宗旨,秉持無聊認真做,不無聊可能照做,太認真不想做的精神,透過利用玩味的互動元素,把躺平、無奈、厭世、挫敗、糜爛的話題重新包裝進行創作,帶著關懷向社區發問,在有意無意間引發觀眾的思考想像和共鳴。



Chip Good Guy Studio, Hong Kong art carpenter association, founded in 2013 Winter and active in 2016 Summer. They aim to maintain the childlike innocence and passion by reflecting in their body of work. Their works adhere to the spirit of paradoxical lifestyle and bear the dark side of nowadays human situations such as laying flatism, helplessness, misanthropy, frustration and indulgence, etc. By questioning the community with caring, they intentionally arouse the audience's thinking, imagination and resonance.

Wood is the main medium across their creations. They combine their woodwork skill set with mechanical structure principles and create their unique style of works. Their works wisely appear in multiple forms such as sculpture, mechanical installation, space construction and public art. With a multi-category artistic direction, they would like to create various degrees of experience and interpretation in woodworking.

Their creations have been appreciated by various public and private institutions and art organizations, such as: School of Everyday Life, K11 Art Mall, Blue House Hong Kong Story House, HKICC Lee Shau Kee School of Creativity, etc. Their public art pieces “Beacon of Hope”and “The Bloom in the Barrack” have been permanently shown in Queen's Hill Estate.  They also are fascinating in art education and teaching woodwork techniques in school, college and art centre. They have been interviewed by various mass media.

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