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l o c a t i o n o f t h e t r e e s


在自己喜歡的風景前打卡,已經成為了人們慣常的指定動作,尤其在旅遊的時候,我們也不例外,可是在一些受歡迎的景點,要拍一張照也不是易事。 一次在威尼斯旅遊本想站在嘆息橋前拍照留念,到此一遊,人多之誇張,實在難以拍下一張好照片,最後只好放棄。 在回程的時候看見一棵大樹,作為一個在城市長大的人,樹木對於我們往往感覺不常存在,而我萌生一個念頭,原來路旁這棵樹很美。 不能與自己喜歡的景點合照,與自己喜歡的樹合照也未嘗不可,樹也可以是主角,是景點,不必只以目標為本去目的地,旁邊風景也值得欣賞。 亦因此開始了這個與樹合照的計劃。

Project Description

Taking photos in front of the attractions has become a habitual designated action for nowadays people especially when we are traveling. However, sometime is not easy to put into practice at the popular spots. Once in Venice, I wanted to take a picture with the famous Bridge of Sighs and myself. Unfortunately, there were just too many people doing the same things at the same time. It was hard to take a good photo, so I finally had to give up. On the way back, I saw a big trunk tree. There was a thought. The tree is so gorgeous by the roadside as well. As a person who grew up in city, we often do not find nature exist to our daily practice. When we travel through the streets, we are practically very goal-oriented. The focus is on how to get to the destination as quickly as possible without wasting time. If there is a good amount of people take photos with trees, they would also become the attractions. The surrounding scenery is worth admiring likewise. That is how this project started.


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